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PAB-lightening (Design Name)|Lightening (the unstopable)unstopable) (Designer Name)
Votes Received (164)

My girlfriend love 2 sitter car and this is a car which have that ability to go beyond than to just be a concept forever. As I m not a designer but I tried my level best for my girlfriend to fall for it...
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Pietra (Design Name)|SUMAN DAS (Designer Name)
Votes Received (146)

My girl friend want a pink scooty from me.so i design this for my girlfriend..This is 125 cc scooty with LED lights and find me sensor..Also it have a water proof big touch screen for digital meter and One Touch GPS..GPS is more helpful for girls.In this scooty you can turn on gps navigation and road map with a single touch in the screen.
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Risker (Design Name)|RiskyAbhi (Designer Name)
Votes Received (144)

just a compact futuristic car for my sweet girlfriend.
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Mercedes Benz GX class (Design Name)|ghost (Designer Name)
Votes Received (117)

The ladybug design given for the vehicle gives the point of being eco friendly.the all hybrid v-6 engine multi fuel engine and all glass technology is sure to win every individuals heart.
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VAYU (Design Name)|sanjay.padvi (Designer Name)
Votes Received (91)

My car for Girl friend is Eco friendly. It runs on Electric Battery ,Motors are filled on four wheels. Electromagnetic Brakes are used for this.
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Sweeto (Design Name)|Lohith (Designer Name)
Votes Received (85)

when i always think of my girl i always feel to give something cute and sweet for her thats how this design came.
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ducati (Design Name)|ducati concept design (Designer Name)
Votes Received (66)

i see a fast and furious5 movie and like a girl which ride a ducati bike so i think to design a bike as to take ducati as concept for my girlfriend
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HIERRA (Design Name)|JIBIN (Designer Name)
Votes Received (56)

HIERRA is a sports concept. DYPDC asked to "design a vehicle for girlfriend" my girlfriend likes two seater open roof sports car. so here is HIERRA, the airodynamic design makes HIERRA superfast and comfortable ride.
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Convoadster (Design Name)|SS Designs (Designer Name)
Votes Received (55)

This car is for my girlfriend to drive her crazy with its speed and the extra ordinary features like riding with or without windshield, with or without roof top and its fully aerodynamic design.
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Seagull (Design Name)|CB Design (Designer Name)
Votes Received (52)

I just want to make a such car which one is represent royal look with luxury and attracts everyone while it run on roads.
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