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INVOLUTTE (Design Name)|INVOLUTTE (Designer Name)
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invollute it has a carbon fiber body with rico seatting arrangement so each trip of students makes easy conversations. It has school bag carrier and umbrella chamber for comfort travelling .It comes with a sea water engine so that each trip is of less cost
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RIB-i.s (Design Name)|ZEESHAN (Designer Name)
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concept behind name-did it on 12.1.13,it looks like \"RIB\" of english word. i.s symbolises 1.5 hours,time taken to complete all three sketches. concept-3 row seating,a sliding door to minimise surface area,a driver side door.,four wheeler for extra stability,a luggage box on top for school bags,it will also protect from heat in summer. RIB will truely be a RIB OF STRONG STEEL CHASIS :)
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Rugged Sports Auto (Design Name)|Rugged (Designer Name)
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My concept was to design a rugged auto rickshaw which is safe and comfortable for school students. It has reinforced bars around it with carrier for keeping school bags. Its seating arrangement in the rear is such away the passengers can face each other there by its more interactive and spacious. Easy door is also provided for the student’s safety.
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safemax (Design Name)|ashish saxena (Designer Name)
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the concept is a safe and comfortable vehicle for school kids. it contains large view mirrors, large windscreen, big tyres, strong suspension & chassis, front engined, big lights & indicators and large space for baggage and all safety features inside and outside. for making the concept at low price the materials used are recycled plastics, fibers and metal such as aluminium.
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HS-transcender (Design Name)|HS (Designer Name)
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transport is one of the most needful service in this world !! public transport even more !! in that case i present a n auto rickshaw which would be a two door car concept!! it would be operated by lithium based battries wchich would be economical for future !1 it would consist of a GPS and a computer server which would record the data of passenger s destination and would act responsively !!its two door concept would make it capable of generating more power compared to a 4 door car!! its size would help it avoid heavy city traffic !! thus overall it would be an economical auto rickshaw!! i hope this concept would serve future transport world economically !! - regards
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PALKI (Design Name)|ANIRUDH DIWAKAR TONPE (Designer Name)
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PALKI (Hindi) means PALANQUIN in English. In ancient period PALKI was used to carry Royal people from one place to another. During that journey the passenger will be taken at most care making sure the person gets a comfortable ride. Same way PALKI will give the children a safe and comfortable ride. The spoiler at the back not only increases downforce but also aids in breaking. Huge windows and windshields provide better view of outside. Doors make the PALKI more safe and prevents over loading. The fog lamps help the driver get a better view of the roads during foggy hours.
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This Concept is developed for space,safety, comfort and looks. ..It has two row seating for 5 passengers and one more for driver. Two common transparent doors for driver and passengers ensure the safty of children. it also prevent the risks of children accidentally puting their head and hands outside and keeps away them from dust,wind,rain and sun.New features and options that will make life with ‘transparenta’ lot easier and safer.
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iota (Design Name)|Arpit Mayer (Designer Name)
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\'iota\' is designed by keeping several factors in mind such as easy ingress/egress, the weight of the body is uniformly distributed as a single wheel is steering the vehicle. The space at the back is to keep the school bags for better comfort inside. As per for INDIA the door opens from left side for safety issues. And on right is the emergency door. It is equipped with a sensor to ensure that no kid is left inside the vehicle. The solar panel on the roof provides the juice to the batteries.
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Safe Rickshaw (Design Name)|Vinit Prabhu (Designer Name)
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The design is inspired by the Tata Nano. It is a four wheel richkshaw which is driven by rear wheels. The four wheels give it stability and safer than the conventional three wheels. It also has four door which would keep the children safe inside. The wheels are placed at the four extremities which lead to extra space in the cabin and also lead to stability. So overall it would be a safe rickshaw.
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ARMOUR (Design Name)|Nirmay (Designer Name)
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A concept school auto rickshaw for India inspired by Volvo trucks, a name whose priority is passenger safety and comfort. 1 more wheel is added for more stability.
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