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Ultimate - Eco. (Design Name)|Ultimate - Eco- Suraj Dubey. (Designer Name)
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Specifications: Dimensions (Assumptions): Length : 3600mm Height : 1850mm Width : 1800mm FUEL SOURCE: Plugin Charge : Battery : 250v, 2.9kw (searched) 50v Lead acid battery. Speed : 70kmph (approx) Interior : Its fabric seats made with post industrial yarn i-suede like materials created from plastic pop bottels, Chromium free leather & engineerid ebony wood. Thus reduce the waste, energy consumption & Co2 emmisions. Exterior Designs : The front view of vehicle is being inspired from peacock\'s face. Its body is made of cellulose-based light weight material. thus it is stronger & half in weight then aluminium alloy. Most imp - The spoted surface of golf ball enable it to reduce airdrag & thus make it to move greater distance.Thus same concept is applied to this vehicle & making it more aerodynamic which is al based on Bernoullis principle. Advantage - Low cost. can be easily parked. Eco-friendly. Can carry 8 passenger at a time. The most imp concept is that plants prepare their own food with the help of sunlight & photosynthesis process. If we use our fuel as plant food, plug-in charge can be avoided which can be better for our future.
Mini Metro (Design Name)|vishwaraj nikumbh (Designer Name)
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The Mini Metro was designed primarily to promote public transport in small cities where Intra city public transport plays an important role. Road width plays a major role in it as it is constrained and thus to ply regular metro on such roads is difficult. Thus the design scheme proposed has lesser width than the regular metro wherein the passengers have to stand. The station points are located close enough so that there is no need for high speed. The Mini Metro is visualized as a magnetic levitation train, or maglev. Maglev transport principally refers to means of flying a vehicle or object along a guide rail with the use magnets to create both lift and thrust, only a few inches above the guide rail surface. Dimensionally the metro is 15000(l)x1200(w)x2400(h) (mm) with a capacity of 40-45 people per metro.
SAWARI (Design Name)|Anish Nandy (Designer Name)
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Its really challenging to design a Public Transport for a country like India. I have designed a vehicle which is a combination of an Auto rickshaw and a Taxi. While designing the vehicle I have taken care of few things. The first thing is it has to be safe. To make the vehicle more safer than today’s auto rickshaw I made a design that is covered from all the sides and instead of three wheels I have given four wheels. The second thing is the vehicle has to be comfortable. Whatever may be the distance covered by the passenger the ride should be comfortable. Thirdly it has to be strong yet lightweight. I have tried to give the vehicle a muscular look and I want a strong and lightweight chassis as well. Fourthly the vehicle should be reliable in terms of running costs and if the running costs and maintenance is reasonable then the fare for the passenger will also be reasonable. The last but not the least , the vehicle has to be beautiful. People should love the car, its appearance, the ride. Here is not all, apart from a people’s carrier the vehicle can be used for various purpose like Ambulance , Mobile Food or Ice-cream counter, Pick-up truck etc.
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PURPOSE OF CONCEPT 1. In many cities traffic on roads is increasing day by day , specially India. 2. Due to this public transport is consuming more time of local passengers ( for example if in Mumbai we have to travel just 2-3 km of the same city , IN TRAFFIC IT TAKES MORE THAN 30 MIN MINIMUM). 3..Therefore i found that there is need of public transport which will avoid private transport and pedestreins passing through same way without construction of separate bridges . CONCEPT DETAILS OR ADVANTAGES. 1. considering the concept we can say that it is similar to tram concept but it will not run at road level. 2. it will be eco friendly due to electric motors which will recieve current from overhead wires and as ell as solar energy also will be utilized. 3. the most advantage of this concept will that it will avoid collision to road level objects and can run over parked cars or running vehicles. 4. compartment designed for this type of transport can accomodate 8 passengers each. therefore maximum 35- 40 passengers can travel at a time from 1 sector to the other sector of the same city.
Systemic Indian Concept Car (Design Name)|Moreno Daniel (Designer Name)
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I created a family of cars that are built by the same pieces. Rickshaw version: Electric and safety public transportation. Sedan Version: Innovative aesthetics of an economic city car. Pick-up version: For people that needs some kind of vehicle to trasnport any sorts of things.
Ruur (Design Name)|Abhimuktheeswarar (Designer Name)
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Ruur is designed to improve the transportation of rural & urban areas in a sustainable way. The overall design of the Ruur is made simple, but still preserving the elegant look to suit the Indian market & to reduce the manufacturing costs. Ruur is made from steel and boasting of a fibre reinforced composite body. Since the body panel doesn’t have any complex curves & shapes, it can be repaired easily in a local workshop. The Ruur doesn’t pollute the environment in any way. The vehicle is propelled by compressed air & an electric motor. The batteries are recharged by roof-mounted solar cells and by regenerative braking. The Ruur has a very short turning radius of 2.5m which helps to navigate the Ruur in congested & narrow Indian roads. It has a huge ground clearance of 220mm and boasts an airless tire which helps to tackle even the worst terrain conditions prevail in rural areas. Ruur can accommodate up to 20 peoples and another 15 peoples in standing. It has a ramp for the wheelchair and has three folding seats that can be folded to accommodate the wheelchair. Ruur offers a flexible interior that can be modified to accommodate the needs of varied users. Thanks to the foldable seats, Ruur can transform into a cargo carrier. It has a large roof carrier to accommodate additional goods. Ruur is loaded with all the latest techs like full LED headlamps & tail lamps, LED signboards, side & rear view cameras, Digital Instrument panel, air-conditioning. But everything comes at an additional cost. Because a person in rural areas doesn’t need this hi-tech stuff, they just need a mode of transportation. The vehicle can be made into two versions, higher spec for urban & lower spec for rural. In short, the Ruur is a smart and sustainable vehicle that bends to the needs of the Indians.
Aero-Auto (Design Name)|Tanvir (Designer Name)
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Aero-Auto has a diesel based engine,i.e. it is run by diesel.As we know the price of petrol is rising higher day by day,so my name focus was to come with such kind of an auto which would run with help of diesel as it comparatively cheaper.At the same time,it is benefiting the environment as it is eco-friendly.Also it looks quite stylish and comfortable.
V-01 (Design Name)|Gaurav Vaghasiya (Designer Name)
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V-01 is an eco-friendly public transport vehical which has 5 seats which includes 4-passengers & 1-driver.The car works on solar energy.It consist of 4-wheel drive by four electronic motors connected with wheels.The car made up of carbon fiber body and has a simple frame structure.Suspension system is macpherson suspension.The car is very light weight & has very huge space inner side.
Re-Think Rickshaw (Design Name)|Chaitanya (Designer Name)
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The rickshaw has been an icon of Indian public transport. My idea behind this concept is to make the rickshaw keep up with Modern styling and safety with 4 wheels, but still maintaining the essence of the original rickshaw with lightness and unique proportions. the transparent glass house roof also gives the occupants a feeling of space. Thus i have tried to Rethink solutions for the problems faced by the rickshaw of today whilst maintaining its iconic style.
FREEDOM (Design Name)|RJ (Designer Name)
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One of the place where poor and rich are not compared . RICKSHAW . The need to all for the basic life .
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