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3R-SpineBuSter (Design Name)|3R (Designer Name)
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3R-SpineBuSter is a single seated car basically designed on the basis of F1 car. The main idea was to incorporate maximum characteristcs, properties and design aspects of F1 car into a road car. Like F1 car, this car has an integrated front wing which atleast I have not seen on any road car, an adjustable rear wing and a rear blown diffuser to have more downforce on rear end of car. Installed with a FIA standard 2.4l V8 engine with 7 speed dual clutch manual transmission. 3 air intakes 4 engine cooling, 2 on each sides and 1 on top just like an F1 car. An additional air intake at the front for the turbo charger of the car. Parallel grooved racing tyres just like as they were till 2008 season of formula 1. Sitting arrangement at the centre so that driver can get same view on both sides of the car. ADD-ONs :- turbo charged unit, regenerative brakes (KERS-kinetic energy recovery system in F1), LED lights, 4 airbags- 1 in steering, 1 under roof and 1 on each door card, racing bucket seat with double seat belts for more safety and a loud music system for drivers entertainment. At its front end it carries my logo \"3R\" my initials...
AF-22 (Design Name)|Cuong Ho (Designer Name)
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Inspired by a huge number of F1 car, the name AF-22 stands for air flow. The first number 2 means the perfect balance proportion and the great aerodynamic efficiency. The next one means the sporty design and a strong engine. I hope this concept will be took into production in the future.
DC 109RAPTOR (Design Name)|GAURAV JAGTAP (Designer Name)
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As F1 cars, DC 109RAPTOR is highly aerodynamic and open-wheeled race car. The races are very technologically demanding because of the high speed (200mph lap speed), multi-turn speed courses and the fact that races are run under all weather conditions in a variety of venues around the globe, keeping in mind the above factors DC 109RAPTOR exterior is designed. Its aggressive, stylish and slick at the same time. Overall silhouette of the car gives it an racing car look.
Victoria (Design Name)|PRiX (Designer Name)
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Study of aerodynamics, bird swift and shark fish.
MAGNET (Design Name)|Anish Nandy (Designer Name)
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This is a F1 Car inspired vehicle with two seats and a sports car like specifications. I have tried to give some magnificent body work to the whole car. Starting from the front and all the way to the back there are splitter and razor sharp body panels like in an F1 Car. I hope you will like my design and like its name it will be able to attract everyone.
PIXEL (Design Name)|Tanvir (Designer Name)
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I have designed this super F1 racing car, keeping in mind, the sporty mood of a F1 racer, and the sporty environment of a F1 racing ground. F1 cars are among the fastest circuit-racing cars in the world, owing to very high cornering speeds achieved through the generation of large amounts of aerodynamic downforce. It took a lot of hard work and brain utilization to design this super sporty F1 racing car, which I named as \"PIXEL\". Pixel is a modern single- seated F1 car with open cockpit, open wheel racing car with substantial front and rear wings, and an engine positioned behind he driver. It is really fast, with top speed of 300km/h (185mph) at high- downforce tracks. One of the most noticeable feature of an F1 car is its superbly featured steering wheel. \"Pixel\" consist of a very well featured, clean and brilliant steering wheel, using which the driver can be used to change gears, apply rev. limiter, adjust fuel/ air mix, change brake pressure, and call the radio. Data such as engine rpm, lap times, speed, and gear is displayed on a LCD screen. It also has gear change paddles and a row of LED Shift Light. Another important and noticeable part is its wheel. The wheels of Pixel required a lot of brain work, which hopefully are going to add more excitement to the race when two drivers are on different strategies. PIXEL is very sporty and is really the best in its own kind. I hope racers will love it and would like to try it out, as my \"PIXEL\" demands some really super cool F1 Racers.
Hydrogen1 (Design Name)|CAENCE (Designer Name)
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The aim is to contribute to the search of an alternative for the use of internal combustion engines on the racetracks, just as it is happening for the nowadays production cars. The concept has a hydrogen engine in the back, that is charging the battery cells that are placed in the front. Unlike the HR2 concept, the Hydrogen1’s body and the volumes are shaped in order to evoke a F1-car, carrying the BMW’s design language in the styling.
F1 SUPER SPORT (Design Name)|F1 SUPER SPORT (Designer Name)
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Here the concept name itself is very self explanatory . 1. concept presented typically is super car category car. design style adopted from f1. 2. observing the front view of concept we notice that nosy shape to the hood with tapered bending inspired from modern f1 cars and as well as wings are carved with the front bumper to give touch of f1. 3. observing the side view we notice that like f1 cars huge air fender is carved with the body near rear wheels. 4. finally observing the back view we fill very much futuristic experimental appearance on fusing f1 and super car. therefore from this concept fulfills the category of new super cars.
Mach (Design Name)|Abhimuktheeswarar (Designer Name)
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F1 inspired *VEHICLE* - It is not just a F1 inspired vehicle. It’s an inspiration of F1 car, jet fighter, bullet train, & all the extremes blended together to design the MACH. Meet the next evolution of mass transportation, It has everything that a F1 car has. Designed to fit the 21st century lifestyle. Mach is very fast, more luxurious and more environment friendly than any other bus on planet earth. The reinvented Bus is ready. It is powered by water + solar. It uses on-board catalyst to split hydrogen from water to generate electricity to power the Four High Performance 250HP motors, mounted on each wheels with 1000Nm of torque propels the Mach from 0–100 in as fast as 6.0 seconds. It also has KERS to charge the batteries. Its sheer power, quite simply, will take your breath away. The bus construction is based on monocoque carbon fibre chassis similar to F1 cars. The main advantage of this design is to enable the bus to reach high speeds of above 200kmph like a F1 car does on track. As speed increases, safety decreases. So this bus is provided with all the state of the art active & passive safety systems for a faster & safer journey. The seats are covered in alcantara with 24 way electric powered adjustment with massagers. The wheels in the bus are airless. So no puncture, no need to inflate the tyres regularly. Braking power is provided by air brake (active rear spoiler) and four massive carbon ceramic disc brakes on wheels. It has a massive carbon fibre rear diffuser which helps to stick the bus to the surface at high speeds. The headlights are LASER powered. The circular steering wheel is replaced by an aeroplane inspired steering system which uses drive by WIRE tech; it has a touch interface for the driver’s infotainment. There are five cameras on-board cameras plus two night vision cameras at the front to provide the driver with a 360 degree view at all time. One camera is inside, which monitors the driver to detect any drowsiness. The side & rear view mirrors are replaced by cameras. The entry/exit door is like a private jet, which comes out of the body with steps for going inside. Entertainment is taken care by a 42” OLED Screen at the front and 12’’ OLED touch screen on each seat. Sound is provided by 98 speakers + 7 Sub woofers, total of 12000W RMS for a mind blowing theatre like experience. Interior lighting is provided by LED’s. It has lounge lighting too. Switches & buttons around the driver are replaced by a touch, voice & gesture based control. It has lots of new innovative features like individual climate control system, fridge, satellite radio, bluray player, DRL’s, Full LED Tail lamp cluster, wood finish flooring, side air intakes, rear diffuser, electro transparent windows glasses, individual climate control system, night vision, spotlight system, active push rod Magnetorheological fluid suspension, AMOLED Instrument Panel, etc… From its dynamic design vocabulary to the massive power, the MACH delivers a g-force-tempting mix of exhilaration and pure performance. Any way—and anywhere—you look at it, it grabs your attention.
RUDRA (Design Name)|KRANC - K.R. Ananthanarayanan Creatives (Designer Name)
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Rudram is a muscular, trendy & a graciously affressive futurstic Race Car concept. The detailed Frontal Aerodynamics, Improved balancing & and Advanced PowerPlant not only make it a monster in the arena but also gives a passionate feel of a Sedan. See & Feel It to experience the \'AGGRACESSION\'.
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