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gaiden (Design Name)|oskr master (Designer Name)
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(Chosen for Top 50)
Stroke is the beauty of the car compardo with the beauty of women
Omega (Design Name)|mehta.kartik (Designer Name)
Votes Received (2699)

(Chosen for Top 50)
A look at the car tells you its back victorious from a vicious fight with Bonds enemies ..cuts, gashes, LED bleeding...armed with super stealth space age electronics and gadgetry, Supercomputer brain and \'supercharged hybrid\' (!!!!!!!) engine to outrun any thing that has managed to lock it in the cross-hairs.....a car for Bond\'s partner to assist/rescue him on his missions...style, beauty, power...
AK-EVO (Design Name)|ANUBHAV (Designer Name)
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(Chosen for Top 50)
Well I have tried to mix girl favourite colour PINK to my concept car for bond girls.I have kept all the things quite normal rather making it a mess and front I have tried to mix a bmw look as girls are BMW fans ;) hope you all like my design it..
DARK CAT (Design Name)|CAT (Designer Name)
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(Chosen for Top 50)
The car is the sexiest machine ever on road. it has got a very stylish and aerodynamic shape which allows it to blast away at blinding speed. the car is perfectly ladylike any body looking at it would say \"Now, that\'s the girl i want \"
Garud - explore the wings!!! (Design Name)|Vinay Singh (Designer Name)
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(Chosen for Top 50)
The concept is basically inspired from bird eagle(and reason to have the name \"garud\" which means eagle in Hindi language). Take a close look at the front and you will notice that it has a nose shape in the bottom and the headlights will look like eagle\'s eyes. The wind scoop in the front gives a feeling of wings. Rear view - garud\'s rear view has a shape of eagle with half open wings (look at the wind scoops near the tire). Extending the features of an Eagle in the Side View of Garud, you can see the front portion has been designed to depict the sharp hook of the beak of an eagle. Since the design is for the Bond girl, it has a special graphics - 007f (f stands for female - bond girl). The rear of tires have been kept half open with a grill kind of shape which is again inspired from the wings of eagle and that is why the tag line says -\" Explore the Wings\".
Mini Cab... (Design Name)|KR_Nakrani (Designer Name)
Votes Received (2013)

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Stylish, Power full, Large Space and Very Beautiful and Small Car. This is my first design....
The Lady Bond (Design Name)|Hriddhiman (Designer Name)
Votes Received (1803)

(Chosen for Top 50)
This car has been designed for The Bond Girl. This fast and stylish super car is just for the Bond Girl. With the \'Bond\' logo on the front grill,back and side skirts the car truly symbolizes the wheels of the Bond. The \'lady eye\' shaped headlights along with the inverted \'L\' shaped LED headlamps the front very smoothly shows the machine for the Bond,come to the sides and the body lines continues til the end,the prominent body lines exactly like the slim and sexy figure of our Bond Girl. The rear with the triangular exhaust and sleek led tail lamps the car is just fit for the Bond Girl. Overall,this design of mine is the combination of the aggression yet gentleness just like our Bond Girl
Cobra Revival (Design Name)|Shelby Cobra Revival (Designer Name)
Votes Received (1302)

(Chosen for Top 50)
For the latest 007 project, the bond girl with her love of muscle cars chose all new stylish & powerful Shelby Cobra Concept named “The Revival”.
\"Gemstone\" (Design Name)|Adisingh (Designer Name)
Votes Received (884)

(Chosen for Top 50)
A car designed specially for the beautiful and playful bondgirl, always ready to take risks and help 007 along his adventurous missions.
EDEN (Design Name)|Aryendra Singh (Designer Name)
Votes Received (763)

(Chosen for Top 50)
My Eden is fresh, fun and funky small futuristic car.The side design of this car is inspired by a bond girl figure which has a smooth curves makes this car looks different from others.I also have taken an inspiration from a female eyebrow and eye to designed my front headlamp.An eyebrow shaped LED light and a center grill makes this car look more attractive. I have given it as a fashionable and futuristic appearance which is perfect match for a bond girl with both having smooth curves, elegance and individuality.
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