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DC FLYRO (Design Name)|Gaurav Jagtap (Designer Name)
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DC Flyro concept is inspired from helicopter and aeroplane. Its the combination of both, here car has taken place of the cabin of an helicopter and the flying mechanism is similar to aeroplane. The car can run on the road as well as on th sky. The two turbine are used to carry out this two functions.There is some space for luggage as well and it can carry two person at a time.when the FLYRO is to be used as a normal car the Aero kit can be de-attacted. The name DC Flyro came in the mind by the combination of Flying (FLY) and Road (RO)...makes it FLYRO.
Macro Skyrider (Design Name)|Tanvir (Designer Name)
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Imagine you are sitting in a reckless traffic jam in the heat and the exhaust is killing you, and suddenly your car sprouts wings, takes off and flies away, beating the traffic. Isn\'t is just wow? Yeah I know its super cool and also the dream of every car-lover. I have designed this super cool, sci-fi based car \"Macro Skyrider\", which can ply on the road as well as in the sky. \"Macro Skyrider\" most famous feature is vertical take off and landing capability and it has 2 nozzles.Skyrider is a super fast car with its own uniqueness. It is not only stylish and comfortable, but also sporty and adventurous. It can reach speeds of 60mph on land and upto 110mph at 12,000 feet. Can you just imagine how high? But as we know it is not so easy to make a flying car. It has to has its own unique features and capabilities. The sight of a flying car can be compared to the sight of the 7 wonders, so fascinating. It uses the surrounded air to fly. It needs to thrust itself forward and lift itself upward- both after leaving the ground..\'\'Skyrider\" has got two large wings, specially contoured surfaces that are at a really small angle to the direction of the flight. The wings are strong enough to hold the entire car. Isn\'t that intresting, incredible and too irresistible? Enjoy the drive-o-ride.
FLYDRIVE (Design Name)|Anish Nandy (Designer Name)
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I have tried to design a car that is capable to run on road as well as defy gravity. It’s a two seater lightweight vehicle with three wheels and two jet engines. The design is aerodynamic and futuristic. The first step to make fly something is to reduce the weight of that object. So instead of conventional car like four wheels I have designed the Concept with three wheels. The rear wheel is designed without alloy which makes it even lighter. I have given a bike like seating arrangement to the car , which makes it narrow for easy city ride , even in clumsy places. This kind of seating also help the driver and the passenger get a clear view from the both side of the window while they are flying. I always look for the aesthetics in every design. But I hope my design is practical and like my idea the car will also fly.
Pegasus (Design Name)|Pegasus (Designer Name)
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Pegasus is a two-wheeled electric bike. It is powered by two motors power the two wheels individually, supported by battery stored in the tank. In bike mode, the Pegasus is powered by rear wheel alone. It can hit speeds up to 80mph. In aviator mode, the fairing opens up to act as wings. Once airborne, the front wheels turn 90-degrees to act as propeller, and the flaps twist to generate suction. On the rear end, the wheels flaps twist to generate suction and control the tail. The rider controls lift, dive and yaw, using the two propellers and wings. While landing, the front wheels come to straight position and the Pegasus glides to land.
bee (Design Name)|BEE (Designer Name)
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Concept BEE is two seater vehicle which can run on road and also fly high in the sky.BEE have light weight aerodynamic body and the four wheels acts as propellers while at flying mode,the spokes have profile of propeller and axles acts as wings and they also guide the vehicle to proceed .
Seraph (Design Name)|Manoj (Designer Name)
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The Concept \'Seraph\' is 2 Seater concept vehicle almost looks like a car which car fly in the sky. when it is in normal mode, the two door like shields (actually wings) are stick to the body and when it needs to fly the wings spreads .And maybe there is a confusing factor that which is the actual door ?. The complete glass area opens to allow the passenger to get in like in jet plains.And the merits of this vehicle is that it require the space for a real car in the road and also helps to escape from the traffic jam.
AC-Orion (Design Name)|Amol Bhangare (Designer Name)
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The Orion concept, actually, is a two seater, provides you a freedom to road as well as sky... concept is hybrid, having very lightweight and tuff body, simplified futuristic look, and has unique wheel arms... plenty of space available inside! etc etc...
V-FLY 2012v (Design Name)|VAMAAN (Designer Name)
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inspired from show swat cats, concept based on traditional flying planes and technically its a combo of car and bike........ while one person seats behind the other reduces the air drag..........
Venom (Design Name)|Aurelius (Designer Name)
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This car is a two seater car which has a front mounted engine.. i came up with the name venom because wile designing the car it looked like a snake, thats the reason i named it venom.i want it to be the first indian economic and cheap sports car.
cancer (Design Name)|CANCER (Designer Name)
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-bold concept -angular shape that reminds the cancer\'s formed -glass deformed into aerodynamic shapes
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