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Morph car (Design Name)|afurac (Designer Name)
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Cellular micro-fiber syntetic inner nucleus covered with carbon fiber shell which morphs on defects and damage and returns to its original form, deflecting hits. Concept powered with circular subatomic - collision accelerator, which could act as a perpetum mobile if produced.
legally undeveloped (Design Name)|raul (Designer Name)
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its legal but undeveloped for the sick and slow lovers but developed for the street thrillers.
007 Speedster (Design Name)|SRK Designs (Designer Name)
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007 Speedster: The “007 Speedster” is a technologically advanced and a beautifully crafted ride in which the Bond Girl would arrive at the scene in style. The car has a very sleek and modern look to it. Exterior body is finished in Golden Yellow paint, while the interior gets black leather upholstery with brushed aluminium accents all around. The Bond girl gets an eco-friendly vehicle which is equipped with an electric powertrain to carry out those missions in secrecy without leaving any carbon-footprints behind. Equipped with the latest technology and gadgets the Bond girl is sure to get impressed with this car whose small dimensions will make it easier for her to manoeuvre her way out in any tough situation that she might encounter during her journey.
ins concept (Design Name)|Instine (Designer Name)
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The concept that I designed is a BMW model that can be used in a Bond movie.. my design is a super sedan which have aerodynamic and sleek design with LED cluster lamps and nice sexy design.
BIMA (Design Name)|Ardhyaska (Designer Name)
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The Concept of this Car is Sport Car which had 3 mode : sport mode, eco mode, and city mode. This mode integrated with the engine. Front windows using layered see-through mirror and protected with bullet proof shield inside.
Ginetta GT66 Concept (Design Name)|MartinoMerlotti (Designer Name)
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The Ginetta GT66 Concept is a v6 bi-turbo petrol powered 2 seater grand tourer. It combines the typical british sports car layout (front engine - long bonnet - rear wheel drive) together with the most modern safety tecnologies. Its look is a modern take on the classic 1960s british car styling. The long and curvy bonnet has the typical rounded \"mouth\", which is a common feature of all Ginettas from the 1961 G4. The headlights are more streched and thin then the usual ones, in order to give a more svelte shape to the front end of the car. Even though the center of mass of the vehicle is quite low, the waistline seems to pull the car even lower to the grownd, confering a more aggressive look.
ladies semi shoe hill. (Design Name)|Saikat (Designer Name)
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The concept is derived from a semi shoe heel and the colour red and black add up to the sex quotient of the bond girl, a perfect match to her persona. The over all concept is aerodynamics. A bond girl is smart, quick, muscular and sharp. The same feature are in heritant on my car also. As any girl look attractive for her proper curves right places , similarly my car has smoky hot head lights in latest LED technology.
myth (Design Name)|rohandhing (Designer Name)
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CONCEPT 92 (Design Name)|Simranjeet SINGH (Designer Name)
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SAAB Concept 92 is a concept that reflects the personality or character of Bond Girl and also shows the sensuous and dynamism in car. The engine of car is Plug-in hybrid.
Taurus (Design Name)|Paragsevra (Designer Name)
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My imagination
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