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choor (Design Name)|Anandhshiva (Designer Name)
Votes Received (69)

choor means sharp in tamil because of it\'s sharp front
007girl (Design Name)|Acdac (Designer Name)
Votes Received (68)

007girl concept is smart, swift and adjustable car designed for the bond girl. Due to variable road conditions and natures, the car can adjust the cabin into different angles, lean forward, increase/decr. etc. for smooth driving. It’s small, can handle/move well in crowded city/area and small places. It powered with different tools, such as rockets, gunfire and laser in front, oil and smoke spray in rear, ejectable seat.
MPV (Design Name)|BOND MPV (Designer Name)
Votes Received (63)

NIMBLE (Design Name)|Abuzar MODI (Designer Name)
Votes Received (62)

As the name suggests, the concept is designed with an intention of reflecting the personality or character being portrayed by a \"Bond-Girl\". It is small, compact yet powerful car and thanks to its dimension that its very lightweight and agile. It is all that a Bond-Girl may need for that perfect action sequence. And apart from the performance, it\'s looks are also complimentary with the sensuous and dynamic on-screen image of a Bond-Girl. This is what I propose as my vision for a perfect car for a Bond-girl. I hope you like it, and if you do then please vote for me.. :))
Seteire - L (Design Name)|Amit (Designer Name)
Votes Received (58)

The concept hidden behind this unique car is its stretched head lamps which make its different from other cars. Its aggressive and dynamic look attracts the attention from different viewers . This will very helpful for pedestrian for e.g. in night the pedestrian is unable to identify by seeing the head lamp whether it is a single car or two bikes are coming alongside together coming towards him which create a doubts in mind and the person can’t recognize it... But with this car because of its different head lamp it clear all doubts of that person....which might be reduce accidents....So , overall it is safety for both passengers and pedestrian . So this is what I have my conceptual view regarding this concept car. Thank you.
aggressive car (Design Name)|Martin Piccini (Designer Name)
Votes Received (48)

ESP: Agresividad y lineas duras que debe tener una chica bond ! ENG:Aggressiveness and hard lines that should have a bond girl!
GC fozer (Design Name)|GC (Designer Name)
Votes Received (47)

this car is an epitome of sleekness and sporty design of which the very first impression gives us the idea of max horsepower and speed...and hence is perfect for a bond girl
Apotheosis (Design Name)|utkarsh (Designer Name)
Votes Received (47)

this concept is based on the curves and sharp touch of 007\'s personality and attitude.
desgin (Design Name)|designer (Designer Name)
Votes Received (45)

Best Designing...
Philia (Design Name)|Vipul j (Designer Name)
Votes Received (43)

Philia is one of the four ancient Greek words that describes love!
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