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LEENA (Design Name)|Gagan Dhawan (Designer Name)
Votes Received (108)

This concept is highly inspired by Feminine Look, Sharp Edges, Sleek Headlight giving it a killer Bond Girl Look.
MODE 7 (Design Name)|ASH MACHINE (Designer Name)
Votes Received (108)

Car as a fusion of art and intelligence that can interact with the environment and express its emotionsand with Infinite lighting combination for visual dynamism.Stable both on normal roads and snow with the innovative slider - roller combination. Roller that reveals itself when the car touches asphalt.Quad Electric Engine Individually for wheels.
Spook shadow (Design Name)|Aravinda DK (Designer Name)
Votes Received (106)

Nothing can come close to the beauty and elegance of a woman, and no words for bond Girl!. She is beautiful, strong and silent like a phantom in the night of a new-moon!. The concept takes the design cues from the ultimatum, the Rolls Royce, blended with the grace of British spy . Its not just a car for Bond Girl, It is the Bond Girl
MARS (Design Name)|Ash27 (Designer Name)
Votes Received (102)

It was just an idea inspired from many hyper cars available in the market to create something for present era not for future to give a bond girl a weapon to tackle all the criminals out for the evil work.....
the micro beast (Design Name)|prathyush (Designer Name)
Votes Received (102)

concept developed keeping in view of the futuristic cars where small is going be a bigger statement than big and not compromising on the aesthetic aspects for a bond girl.imposing presence yet small in size.This is what i think is going to be the right car for the future bond girl.THE MiCRO BEAST.
BULLAGRO (Design Name)|Dhruvin Mehta (Designer Name)
Votes Received (80)

This car has got an conceptual aggressive look. It has got inbuilt future weapons like a Gatling Gun M134 which can shoot 750 rounds in a minute and is used in fighter jets and choppers, M32 Grenade Launcher on the rear of the car, Airborne Laser which is IN the roof and comes out when it\'s given a command to fire, a bomb sensor which detects a bomb if attached to the car, etc . It has got two turbo boosters which can triple the speed of the car and the car is programmed to drive itself when the speed is normal and even when the turbo boosters are ON. the car can track any destructive weapon if its in the range of 2 miles. It can even be driven underwater (Limits to 1000 metres below the sea level). The car is bulletproof. It lifts up 1 metre above the ground level when it has to be driven on a mountain or in a desert area. It also has a make up kit and a beauty identifying technology in it, because a beautiful Bond Girl has to look stunning when she is in action. Some weapons are highly destructive weapons and they are used only for defence and peace. Now this car makes a perfect bond girl car with an aggressive look, Future weapons, Future technologies and last but NOT THE LEAST a make up kit in it !
008 Elegant Aggression (Design Name)|Elmo (Designer Name)
Votes Received (80)

This is an elegant designed car with aggressive rear in Bond style.
Vulcan 007 (Design Name)|ashrock1990 (Designer Name)
Votes Received (76)

This concept takes in consideration the aspect of beautiful and futuristic approach to bond car.
BLONDLEY (Design Name)|KRANC - K.R. Ananthanarayanan Creatives (Designer Name)
Votes Received (73)

Blondley is a futuristic sport car concept developed for \'JANE BLONDE\', the bond girl of tomorrow. As a bond girl, she has many roles to play, from a detective to a vamp to a commoner & many more... Blondley is equipped with the most modern weapons & all the gadgets which Jane may need. So, switching roles as per the occasion is not a problem anymore. BLONDLEY combines both POWER & ELEGANCE.
The Ultimate (Design Name)|Shiji (Designer Name)
Votes Received (70)

It is a highly proffessional vehicle,executive looking... but,it hides a variety of weapons
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