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BMW-AC-Exon (Design Name)|Amol Bhangare (Designer Name)
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Concept has mirrors projected and has Spoiler which is cantilever type, here A piller is behind glass and leaving behind the supporting asthetic part ... Rims, tried making Different that usual.. Etc.. Etc..
M2-GT (Design Name)|Aurelius (Designer Name)
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it can be the first indian sports or gt (gran turismo )cars. The MC-GT500 has a V8 6.5L disel engine / 397 cu. With Bore x Stroke 4.06 x 3.82 (in.) The Cylinder Block And the Head is amid of Cast iron.It a Turbocharged engine It has an over head cam shaft and the over head valve and rocker arm assembely. 2 Valve each intake and exhaust.The compression 21.3, it has Indirect injections.with Max RPMs: 3,400..It has a 60°ֹ crank shaft .it is a front wheel drive with the engine rear mounted and a 6 speed gear box with automatic transmission. the comcept is to make it dual fuel car on petrol or diesel and battery charged car...
HAWK (Design Name)|chayan (Designer Name)
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DYP-DC Contest Thought Hear are some results I have found when working on this spy car is as follows (1) The most important matter is that a spy car must be silent so a hybrid car is a better solution then a combustion engine car. So here it is drivers cabin is at the middle of the car and power plant is divided to the both sides of the car (front & rear) to balance the weight which is the key thing to achieve good handling effect. Door mirror and handle is integrated to reduce noise and aerodynamic drag. Handle will be a square hole on the inclined side of the door which will be visible only when pushed (2) The front side of the car is highly inclines to have highest down force so that it can hold the road at maximum speeds. (3)Door mirrors are excluded, in its place an integrated camera is used which is placed into the tail lamp to provide the followers(enemy) a “I AM NOT WATCHING YOU” feel. This is a great psychological point to relax enemy and make sudden attack. (4)Look at the headlight of the car it has a small story behind it once I was watching a animation film where the eye of an hawk impressed me, in my vision its big triangular eyes ware more likely to be a fibulas head light of a sports car. Its simple but very sharp triangular shape gives the car sharpness like no other lights can. This headlight not only looks cool but also gives a different look, as most of the cars runs on road has curvy headlight, but its lines are straight. (5)Everyone knows that ‘wheel can change a car’ so I made this three spoke wheel. This is entirely different from any other car I have ever seen. It will definitely make the filing of ‘being different being good’. (6) The tires are not extraordinary thin because a spy may need to of road her car, so the gap is provided to lift the ride height. (7) last but the most important thing “passenger ergonomics” I have take care of this thing by providing huge space in drivers cabin, good visibility, big boot(front) and a really big door(for fast loading). However I tried to use right proportion………………………CHAYAN PAUL
MINI W (Design Name)|Savin Dimov (Designer Name)
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MINI W is a concept that reflects the elegance, charm and power that bond girl represents. The brands choice was made by the female lines, rounded shapes instead of notches marked that denotes masculinity, in addition to not draw attention away from the protagonist\'s Aston Martin but still imposing respect.
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aston martine astina is a car which inspired me from ice cram cone and indian flag... i tried to plac a true d n a of aston martine.. and hope the bond girl will drive it one day... hope to see this car in real....
BLITZY (Design Name)|Amit Pujari (Designer Name)
Votes Received (159)

BLITZY (Blitz) means “Attack suddenly and without warning” so the name itself would have given you the idea behind the concept……… so to begin with, I decided to go for a classic design because classic car are bold, beautiful, graceful which will go well with the girl theme and the bond legend… while it will have all the lethal weapon hidden under its hood and at the same time will also help in disguising the Bond Girl……. so now she can take down enemies without any clue…………
MERMAID (Design Name)|Chand Singh (Designer Name)
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First thing that came in my mind is that the car should be sharp and sexy as the category BOND GIRL and next thing came in my mind is a mermaid. Mermaid have curvy upper body which make my car sexy and it has pelvis and sharp tail which make my car sharp . So imagining a mythological creature i made THE MERMAID
YD Aqua (Design Name)|Yashodhan Deshpande (Designer Name)
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YD Aqua for the Amazing Bond Girl!! I have designed it with the side view in the shape of upper half of fish with an idea to have a streamlined flow of air just as the aquatic have in water!! The feminine looks and curves makes it more gracious and elegant, yet a sporty look is retained. The glass to be made bullet proof for protecting the beauty inside. Also The inside of doors will have the compartment for cosmetics, rather it is much a part of interior design. The glass behind and the curve of the boot gives a clear rear visibility. The petals shaped in the front on both sides gives it sturdy structure and the front glass extending downwards for good visibility of the ground. And moreover are the big rear lamp that warn the enemy, just don\'t try harm her....She is the Bond Girl!
PINK solitaire - the exceptionally beautiful (Design Name)|Rohtash Singh (Designer Name)
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PINK Solitaire – the exceptionally beautiful The name of my concept is “PINK solitaire”. The PINK solitaire is designed to match it, with the physical and mental sensation of a Bond Girl. As we all are well known by the physic and well developed pattern of the beauty of the Bond Girls, also when they posses splendid figure and tend to dress slightly masculine, assertive fashion and with few pieces of jewellery and that in a masculine cut, wide leather belt and square toed shoes. And I am sure what you are feeling in your mind, will feel in my “PINK solitaire”. PINK solitaire is new, beautiful, futuristic, little sporty and elegant - Roadster. This “PINK solitaire” allows enjoying and feeling the breeze, sun, sky, winds at the time of driving. With its extended shoulder line, edges and glowing pink patches, my PINK solitaire proves itself as an elegant sporty roadster which is engineered with new aesthetic and technological features, to meet the likings of a Bond Girl. At last, I would like to say it is not just a car… This is a “PINK solitaire”- the exceptionally beautiful.
SHOGUN (Design Name)|JPX_RDX (Designer Name)
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The Shogun is a one of a kind concept for the next generation bond girl. The concept creates a seamless blend of aggression, feminine elegance and 007 technology. The vehicle is styled with a layered architecture enabling-‘ through the body’ aero/fluid dynamics. The vehicle has a low but wide stance symbolizing agility and stability. The concept is designed to run on tarmac, underwater and also hover. The turbine alloys rotate through 90 degrees for underwater and hovered locomotion.
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