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SH-HD (Design Name)|dice (Designer Name)
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-c.w opening doors - 1:3 roof to panoramial view
SEAM (Design Name)|Nirmay (Designer Name)
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As the name suggests SEAM is a car where two pieces of materials are sewn together- metal and glass. The seamless design is evident from the least uses of lines in bodywork, pressed front grill and even the doors. The design is kept elegant yet futuristic. An elegant and small car design makes it easy for the Bond girl to maneuver into busy streets away from the chasing party in day and attend Balls in the evenings. The wheels are propelled by magnetic levitation, Fast and Eco friendly.
C-arc (Design Name)|W.C Chan (Designer Name)
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The name ‘C > arc’ was derived from ‘shark’; which is the design inspiration of this sport car. The car is filled with beautiful arc that look sleek, yet poses some aggressive emotion from certain angle. ‘C >arc’ is the ultimate bond-girl driving machine. The compact body proportion and powerful engine output enable bond girl fulfilled her missions and tasks responsively.
Aston Martin Cristilia (Design Name)|Raj (Designer Name)
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Aston Martin Crystilia A Bond car or Bond girl’s car, no matter who’s ever vehicle is. Today James Bond cars have become Iconic and the only Brand that can be associated or apt as an Iconic James Bond car, is the Aston Martin’s. The Design DNA’s of Aston Martin’s have made it the right choice to be a Bond car. For example the long hood gives it muscular macho look, also for bond girls to pose on it. The design has also been carried over from the legendary British race cars, which makes it true British car for a British Agent. In simple words it is the traditional James Bond car. And hence I did not take away the Brand Image from a James Bond or Bond girl’s car. So, just like the Aston Martin cars, Crystilia has a Shark Inspiration in the design. While designing this car I had in mind to keep the traditional James bond car design DNA, such as: • The silver grey colour. • The long swiping bonnet. • A two seater and similar body design to not divert it from Aston Martin design DNA. With all these I integrated the future technology which James bond girl car has all been about. I have designed an unusual body which is different from the chassis. It is like a skin that can be replaced and is made of organic recyclable product. The rest is a monocoque chassis made of carbon fiber. Aston Martin Crystilia is based on a supercar platform and so would be powered by high capacity electric motors running each wheel individually. Although the famous grunt of the engine would still be available as an option while cruising. At the end I like to take your attention towards a different aesthetic design and technology, the head lights. It is actually no light. These are piece of two advanced but exclusive crystallised glass. It will be automatic projecting lights through the glasses. It would store its energy during day through sunlight and would use the same to illuminate at night. A sort of organic lighting system. This is where the car gets its name Crystilia.
car for bond girl (Design Name)|Rehan (Designer Name)
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Use 3d max
Zafiro (Design Name)|Luis Peña (Designer Name)
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A beatiful car for a sexy woman, this is the Zafiro concept car, the attraction force of beautiful lines, shapes and movements .
enoula (Design Name)|enoula (Designer Name)
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this car has been specially designed for the bond girl ,this has sexy curves added by bold structure,revealed grill it suits the bond girl in every aspects.
Bondess (Design Name)|Nish (Designer Name)
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Her sheer ability to be a beautiful and inseparable partner to the Bond, the Bond girl inspires the Bondess, a lusty red roadster to flaunt her curves when being aggressive in taking on the envious roads to danger. Her laid back elegance and a little bit of body show is an eye raiser at every event shes driven to, to every noblemen that desires her and for the Bond\'s coy nature that waits for her! Its a marriage of Agility, Lust and Elegance. Its a Bondess!
Mascara (Design Name)|Kaustubh (Designer Name)
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Bond girls are considered \"ubiquitous symbols of glamour and sophistication.\" - Caplen, Robert A., Shaken & Stirred: The Feminism of James Bond Bond has his Astons, so the Bond Girl should have a vehicle that\'s both beautiful and powerful as an Aston. But at the same time there should be something that sets it apart. The whole vehicle is inspired from the beauty of the female form. The shape of the car when viewed from above is inspired by the svelte form of Ursula Andress. The headlamps take shape of the dark eyes of Eva Green. Denise Richards\' beautiful hair have helped in the formation of the side lines. And finally the grille is based upon Rosamund Pike\'s Lips.
BMW JLS-R (Design Name)|u raj (Designer Name)
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every thing i know or do wouldn\'t have had been possible without my parents. JLS and R are initials of my parents. I want to make them proud through this design.
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