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DC B-TRON (Design Name)|Gaurav Jagtap (Designer Name)
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B-TRON is developed keeping in mind all the features of bond girl. The car is masculine and aggressive in looks, the flow of line are smooth and integrate nicely. Which generates a good flow of surface. The car indicate glamour and sophistication in itself. It looks futuristic and gears up with the gadgets used in Bond Movies. Design Features of car such as the headlight and rear view camera is inspired from eagle eye and shape of the gun. B-TRON name came in mind by the combination of Bond (B) and Tron ( related to futuristic technology ,computer or gadgets.
Solitaire (Design Name)|Anshul Malhan (Designer Name)
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Solitaire is a concept I thought and designed keeping in mind the Bond Girls and how they have changed over the years. Solitaire is the name of the Bond Girl character in the James Bond movie \'Live and Let Die\' and the name pretty much serves the design well which is a \'one of a kind\' if i may say so myself. The entire design is based on the mixture of edges and curves. The roofline is a subtle curve whereas the rear and front lines are sharp. The air intakes could be used as placeholders for weapons but that\'s not something i\'m really experienced in, which is why I left it to your imagination. ;) The car also had to be made for Bond as well which is why the design is not entirely feminine. I hope you enjoyed the design i made for you. :D
BLOW (Design Name)|Anish Nandy (Designer Name)
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I have designed a car for the Bond Girl.We all know that Bond Girls are smart,cute yet aggressive and super sexy.So my design includes all these clues to form a car for a Bond Girl. My design is smart.It has a compact size.I specially focused on the car\'s aesthetics.The car will be hybrid so it will be eco- friendly too,which will make it smarter. The design looks cute for its overall shape and the dual tone colour makes it sporty.Yet I have designed the head lights in such a way so that it will look aggressive.I have use some curvy lines at the back of the car with one of a kind back lights and low profile tyres.I have pushed out the wheels to the extream corners,so the front and rear overhangs virtually does not exist,which gives it a feel of a low ground clearance and it looks super sexy. Bond Girls always fantasize and blow our its the time for my Car.. Thank you.
falcon (Design Name)|akshay (Designer Name)
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the concept behind the car is to attract girls having lust in the car since girls have the feeling of 80% devil and 20% angel in the car. This car is for street lovers who can run along the streets with freedom.
The Poisoned Apple (Design Name)|Tanvir (Designer Name)
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I have designed this super sexy and sporty car for the super attractive \"Bond Girl\". This car, which I named as The Poison Apple, is stylish, luxurious, eye-catching, attractive, perfectly suiting the high personality of the Bond Girl. As it is seen, the front and the back sides of Poison Apple are damn futuristic and stylish, with the unique idea of aero dynamism. Its every part, starting from the doors to the wheels, are super stylish with the perfect mixture of various colors. I have designed this car with utter perfection, keeping in mind the over complicated and unpredictible minds of women. And this is what I came up with, I hope \"Bond Girl\" won\'t refuse trying out The Poison Apple.
Dark Bull (Design Name)|PRANESH GHUDE. (Designer Name)
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This Car is Specially Designed For Lamborghini Company . because i want be a Automobile Engineer and want to Work in Company like Ferrari , Lamborghini .BMW etc.
CURVE (Design Name)|CURVE (Designer Name)
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considering the car design it is kept practical with the futuristic appearance. bond\'s girl aggressive nature due to its profession is reflected by the dynamic curves to the car. as far as front and back view are corncerned they are kept as attractive as bond girl the main aim of this car design is to give off road capability design car for bond girl for thriller driving with futuristic appearance.
JINX (Design Name)|Rushi (Designer Name)
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Imagine ~ An electric Sports hatch driven by a gorgeous bond girl, she silently trespasses the enemy zone not knowing james bond is hiding under the hatch, she thinks she\'s made it in but only to know that bond worked it smart....... to be continued.
007 Reventon 2014 (Design Name)|kongzh (Designer Name)
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Reventron 2014, just came out from the kitchen,she is really hot just like 007 bond girl, that is why i think this car is perfect for 007 Bond Gril, i design to combine streamlined body and hard edge detail. unique LED lighting system perfect for all night activities. let us continue to extend the secret of her.
BMW z3.2 (Design Name)|Simon Wells (Designer Name)
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A throwback to the BMW Z3 that bond used to drive, this concept retains the core form language of BMW. The design appeals to spy women through its feminine styling, particularly in the new \'kidney grill and also through the more aggresive stance of the car
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